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Sunday, 26 Sep 2021





Join us to build the best performance real estate fund!

Are you looking for real estate investment opportunities and do not have enough cash? Or you want more liquidity in your portfolio while enjoying the growth of the real estate market? Look no further today. AAA Global will establish a real estate investment fund for investors who have interest in the real estate market. Please check back for more updates in the near future.
Objectives of AAA Global REIT
- manage our business to provide growing cash flow and stable and sustainable returns through adapting our strategy and tactics to changes in the real estate industry and economy.
- build a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of office and industrial properties in US, based on an established platform.
- provide predictable and sustainable cash distributions to unitholders and prudently managing distributions over time.

Strategy of AAA Global REIT
AAA Global REIT’s core strategy is to invest in office and industrial sectors in key markets across US, providing a solid platform for stable and growing cash flows.
How will we achieve this?
• Investing in high-quality office and industrial properties. Our portfolio is concentrated in US’s key urban markets and is comprised of properties that are well located, attractively priced and produces consistent cash flow.
• Optimizing the performance, value and cash flow of our portfolio. With fully internalized property management, we offer a strong team of highly experienced real estate professionals who are focused on achieving more from our assets.
• Diversifying our portfolio to mitigate risk. We will continue to pursue growth by acquiring properties that enhance our overall portfolio, further improve the sustainability of distributions, strengthen our tenant profile and help mitigate risk.
• Maintaining and strengthening our conservative financial profile. We have always operated our business in a disciplined manner, with a keen eye on financial analysis and balance sheet management to ensure we maintain a prudent capital structure.
Future property acquisitions will be subject to specific investment guidelines and the operation of AAA Global REIT and its subsidiaries will be subject to specific operating policies. The Trustees are responsible for the general control, direction and management of AAA Global REIT.